Our 2023 Camp Budokan campers worked hard!

From June 26th through July 14th, Terasaki Budokan’s gym was filled with children learning basketball and volleyball at our summer camp sessions!

The first two weeks of camp focused on honing the campers’ basketball skills and hosted over sixty campers in total. The third week was centered around volleyball and saw fourteen campers. Although the focus of our camps revolved around sports, these children learned about teamwork and made friends, as well.

Most of our campers come from the Japanese-American community, so holding our camp in the heart of Little Tokyo empowers them to connect with their culture and community, both inside and outside of Terasaki Budokan. Likewise, campers from other backgrounds got the chance to see and experience what Little Tokyo has to offer. We hope that all of our campers made great memories in Little Tokyo and know that they will always have a space that is a “home court for all” to come back to.

Marisol, a high school student, joined the volleyball camp session as a volunteer coach. She said that she loved working with the kids, and having the opportunity to teach them what she knows and loves.

“It’s also just nice to know that I’m serving my community in a fun and educational way.”

Marisol said that there were many highlights from her week here, but one that stood out was making a special connection with one of the campers, which allowed her to step into a meaningful mentorship role. “We became close the first day I came here, and we just hung around each other the whole camp.”

When asked about why she loves volleyball, Marisol (pictured on the right) said that it’s because volleyball is her escape. “The volleyball court is where I can really just be myself and play and forget about everything else. I love the people that I’ve met through the sport and the experiences I’ve gained over the years. Volleyball is, and always has been, a huge makeup of my confidence; it’s part of my foundation as a person.”

“This sport means so much to me, I can’t even describe it- but I know very, very, very well that I love volleyball.” 

A HUGE thank you to our volunteers and coaches. Thank you for helping us create some great memories this summer! To see our campers in action, check out our recent Instagram Reels!

First Week Campers


Second Week Campers


Third Week Campers


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