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Kibo Nobori Celebrates AAPI Culture and LA Youth

kibo nobori 2023

On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, Terasaki Budokan hosted the second annual Kibō Nobori festival, a celebration of the Japanese holiday Children’s Day (Kodomo No Hi) that was free and open to the public.  Kibō Nobori, planned in partnership between Terasaki Budokan, co-mrkt and artist Faith-Ann Kiwa Young, and sponsored by Angel City Football Club, was a fun-filled day featuring art, music, performances, a marketplace, food and activities for the whole family. 

Artist and Kibō Nobori founder, Faith-Ann Kiwa Young, said:

acfc at kibo noboriWe were so honored to have Angel City FC as a sponsor of Kibō Nobori. I’m super inspired by the women on and behind ACFC, and its strong community following.

kibo nobori 2023The day of the festival, ACFC had a tent by the stage. As I watched kids in the playground writing messages of hope on tanzaku while hula dancers shimmied onstage and storytellers narrated to kids in another corner, I got shivers. This playground of inspiration for children highlights and celebrates this community and our incredible, diverse gifts. I hope there will be many more neighbors and mission-driven organizations like Angel City FC inspired to support Kibō Nobori and other grassroots movements like ours. Especially when there is news of more violence towards Asian Americans, we need to celebrate our heritage proudly, colorfully and loudly.”

hula at kibo nobori

Sulema Felix, ACFC’s Senior Manager of Community Outreach, said, “I had a wonderful time celebrating Kodomo No Hi with Terasaki Budokan, co-mrkt, and Faith-Ann Kiwa Young. Joy was palpable in every activity that took place during the day from guests and staff alike. I was blown away by the amazing performances and am thankful I had the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture in such an inclusive and welcoming environment.”

“Kibō Nobori”, which translates to “hope flags”, featured artist Faith-Ann Kiwa Young’s colorful fabric installation inspired by the traditional koi flags flown on Children’s Day. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, co-mrkt’s curated marketplace featured talented local AAPI artists, creatives and makers with goods for purchase. 

“We’re honored to host this free community event in collaboration with co-mrkt and Faith-Ann Kiwa Young. It’s not only a celebration of Children’s Day, but a celebration of the AAPI community, our culture and heritage, our strength and resilience, and our collective future,” said Ryan Lee, Director of Terasaki Budokan. 

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