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Follow Stefanie’s Lead, Rent Budokan’s Gym Space to Stay Active and Connect With Community

Stefanie and her group of friends share an undeniable passion for volleyball, but it’s not just the sport that keeps them coming back to Terasaki Budokan’s courts each week. 


When they first came across Budokan during a free open gym session four months ago, they fell in love with the newly-built space and saw the opportunity to use the facility to benefit their physical and social wellness. Now, the friend group organizes weekly volleyball matches and Little Tokyo outings through the Meetup app.  

“We love the facility!” Stefanie said. “It’s clean, local, has great staff, and parking is easy. And we love going to eat in Little Tokyo afterward. We love it, and we’ll keep coming.” 

Although most live in the area, some in the group live as far as Orange County and Riverside, but they insist the trek to Budokan in the heart of Downtown LA is worth the drive. Not only does it allow them to step out of their daily routines, it also serves as their chance to connect with a community they normally wouldn’t

To take advantage of Budokan’s state-of-the-art facilities for yourself, check out our website where you can rent our spaces and browse our diverse collection of activities, events and programs. Whether you’re planning a volleyball tournament or just looking to try something new, Budokan has everything you need to stay active and connected. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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