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Active Special Tribute Campaigns:

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Over the years,  numerous supporters have propelled Terasaki Budokan to where it is today, just shy of its overall $33.8 million goal. Join the movement to preserve Little Tokyo through sports and community by creating a fundraising campaign of your own and help us reach the finish line.

In Memory of Dean Matsubayashi

The Terasaki Budokan started as a community dream and quickly became a dream of Dean’s. During his time as the Executive Director of Little Tokyo Service Center, Dean managed to secure a site for the facility along with major seed gifts to get the project off the ground. Currently under construction, the Terasaki Budokan is scheduled to open in Spring 2020 and will be a day we can celebrate turning Dean’s dream into a reality.

Alice Kikkawa Memorial

In 1972, Alice, Robert and a few other families founded the Pasadena Bruins and were big supporters of youth sports. Alice’s family felt that it was only natural to create this tribute to perpetuate her passion for sports and athletics. Thank you for contributing in Alice’s honor and legacy.

Active Special Tribute Campaigns:

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Denny Sunabe Memorial

The Terasaki Budokan is a living symbol of many of values that Denny and his beloved wife Julie shared to enriched their relationship – sports, youth and community. Please help us memorialize Denny Sunabe on the Budokan Major Donor Wall.

Monica Quan Memorial

Monica Quan started her basketball career as a player in the Japanese American basketball leagues, Monica was on the path of becoming a collegiate basketball head coach before her life was tragically cut short. Please help us memorialize Monica Quan on the Budokan Major Donor Wall.

Philip Ito Memorial

Philip Ito was an avid fisherman, had a love-hate relationship with golf, loved to travel the world and adored his grandchildren. Philip was also very supportive of the Japanese American community when unexpectedly passed away in 2017. Please help us memorialize Philip Ito on the Budokan Major Donor Wall.

Completed Special Tribute Campaigns:

Bill & Ruth Watanabe Director's Office

Bill & Ruth Watanabe Director’s Office

Help us commemorate Bill & Ruth Watanabe’s leadership and commitment to the Little Tokyo community by making a gift towards naming the Terasaki Budokan Director’s Office in Ruth & Bill’s honor.

Judy Nishimoto Ota Memorial

Judy Nishimoto Ota Memorial

Judy Nishimoto Ota’s interest in community and affordable housing began in the late 60’s as an activist and Judy’s vision for preserving Little Tokyo’s history has had a profound effect on Little Tokyo Service Center. Please help us memorialize Judy Nishimoto Ota on the Budokan Major Donor Wall.

Seiji Isomoto Memorial

Seiji Isomoto Memorial

Seiji Isomoto was a firm believer of helping local youth and was responsible for creating several successful basketball and baseball programs for Japanese American youth. Please help us memorialize Seiji Isomoto’s contributions to the JA sports community with a special tribute banner (to be displayed inside the Terasaki Budokan gymnasium).

Host Your Own Fundraiser

Host your own Fundraiser
Raise money by holding a “third-party” event then donate the proceeds to Terasaki Budokan.  Some ways to create your own fundraiser are hold a yard sale, sell crafts, organize a tournament or silent auction!  Host a benefit day at your retail establishment or restaurant and donate a percentage of your proceeds.
Or start your own crowdfunding team online!
Click here to contribute to a team or start your own team.

E-mail TeraBudo@LTSC.org if you have any questions about “third-party” fundraisers.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts
Honor a special person or the memory of a loved one on our Major Donor or Friends & Family Wall by making a tribute gift to Terasaki Budokan.  The person named for an honor gift or the family of the person named for a memory gift will as a letter from Terasaki Budokan in appreciation for the special donation.  Your contribution will also be acknowledged in our annual report.
Click on any of the following to donate online:

Special Tribute Banners

Special Tribute Banners
Special Tribute Banners (honoring or in memory of an outstanding figure, team or organization in Japanese American sports) will be hung from the rafters inside the Terasaki Budokan gymnasium.
Please contact us if you would like to nominate another individual for a Special Tribute Banner.  Different levels of recognition are available.

Children's Wall

Children’s Wall
Please check back soon for more details, the Children’s Wall Campaign will be launched Fall of 2019.

Major Donor/Friends & Fans Wall

Major Donor/Friends & Fans Wall
***Will provide rendering if/when available***
Major Donor Wall:
Visionaries $1,000,000 and up
Pillars $500,000 to $999,999
Founders $100,000 to $499,999
Masters $50,000 to $99,999
Champions $25,000 to $49,999
All Stars $10,000 to $24,999
Friends & Fans Wall:
Contributions from $1,000 to $9,999

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities
Please contact us at TeraBudo@LTSC.org or call 213-473-3030 for the available naming opportunities at Terasaki Budokan.

Planned Giving: Legacy Partners

Planned Giving: Legacy Partners
Legacy Partners are a dedicated group of donors who have named Terasaki Budokan in their will or estate plan.  There are many ways to become a Legacy Partner including naming Terasaki Budokan in your will, making Terasaki Budokan a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or creating a charitable remainder trust.
Legacy Partners receive invitations to special events and your name will be listed in our annual report and potentially on our Major Donor/Friends & Family Wall.
Please contact us at TeraBudo@LTSC.org or call 213-473-3030 to learn more about becoming a Legacy Partner.

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations
Do you have items (office or sports equipment, supplies, etc.) or professional services to donate?  Please contact us at TeraBudo@LTSC.org or call 213-473-3030 to tell us more about your in-kind gift.  Your contribution will be acknowledged in our annual report and potentially on our Major Donor/Friends & Fans Wall.

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts
Your company may be one of thousands that “match” employee charitable contributions with corporate dollars.  Many companies also match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees and board members.  A corporate matching gift is an easy way to double, or even triple, the impact of your personal contribution to Terasaki Budokan (a project of LTSC, Tax ID # 95-4444102).
How do I make a matching gift?
Ask your HR department about your company’s matching gift policy.  If your company participates, obtain a matching gift form and complete the employee portion.  If your company processes matching gifts electronically, follow their instructions.
Mail the completed form along with your personal donation to:
Terasaki Budokan c/o LTSC
231 E. Third Street Suite G106
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Please contact us at TeraBudo@LTSC.org or 213-473-3030 if you have any questions.

Stock Donations

Stock Donations
Donating stock is another great way to support Terasaki Budokan.  Please contact us at TeraBudo@LTSC.org or call 213-473-3030 for more information.  Your contribution will be acknowledged in our annual report and potentially on our Major Donor/Friends & Fans Wall.