Opening 2020

  • a premier event venue for judo, kendo, aikido, and karate

  • 2 indoor high school regulation basketball courts

  • 4 indoor volleyball courts for training and competition

  • a unique gathering place for youth, families, and seniors 

Image of girls playing basketball Little Tokyo


To provide a facility in Downtown, Los Angeles for youth, families and seniors that offers sports, community activities, and opportunities to connect visitors to Japanese American culture and a vibrant, sustainable Little Tokyo.

Paul I. Terasaki Budokan

is a


driven project


Little Tokyo
Service Center


Paul I. Terasaki Budokan will be a unique gathering place that will enhance the quality of life for locals and commuters alike through its diverse, inter-generational programs.


Recreation and sports facilities in LA are at a premium with access severely limited by scheduling problems and high costs.  Paul I. Terasaki Budokan will fill a huge void for sports programs and activities both locally and regionally.


Paul I. Terasaki Budokan will help preserve the cultural heritage of Little Tokyo and bridge different communities through sports and events.

Help us build a big gym in Little Tokyo

$33.8M Capital Campaign Progress


*Our fundraising gap is now $2.7 million.
Please do what you can to reduce this amount.


Job Title: Director of Paul I. Terasaki Budokan

Supervisor: Executive Director of Little Tokyo Service Center

Employment Status: Full-time salaried; compensation DOE

Closing Date: Open until filled

The Director of Paul I. Terasaki Budokan (also referred to as “Terasaki Budokan” or “Budokan”) will promote healthy living, youth development, social responsibility, cultural awareness and community preservation by providing leadership and overseeing the operations of a multipurpose sports and activities center in Little Tokyo, with a particular focus on programming, fundraising, and sustainability. The Director will oversee Budokan staff and work in coordination with appropriate departments and staff of LTSC.

Job Title: Budokan Development Associate

Supervisor: Budokan Capital Campaign Director

Employment Status: Full-time (1.0 fte) for an 18-month term, with the possibility of an extension, full benefits package

The Budokan Development Associate will be an employee of Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) and will play a key role in the Budokan capital campaign. This Associate will work closely with the Budokan campaign team and LTSC’s development team to cultivate and steward donors through multiple outreach efforts including individual donors, events and outreach efforts. The Budokan Development Associate will also provide general support to the overall campaign targeting primarily Japanese American and APA communities.


To help commemorate the achievements of these individuals on the Terasaki Budokan Donor Wall, please consider making a donation in their honor or in their memory.

If you would like to nominate someone for a special campaign, please contact Kim Kawasaki ( or 213-473-1619).

Philip Ito Memorial

We have collected $20,380.00 of our $25,000.00 target. It is 81.52% of our goal for the Philip Ito campaign


Monica Quan Memorial

Monica Quan

We have collected $1,976.73 of our $10,000.00 target. It is 19.77% of our goal for the Monica Quan campaign


Bill & Ruth Watanabe Tribute

We have collected $100,842.00 of our $100,000.00 target. It is 100.84% of our goal for the Bill and Ruth Watanabe campaign


Judy Nishimoto Ota Memorial

We have collected $10,550.00 of our $10,000.00 target. It is 105.50% of our goal for the Judy Nishimoto Ota campaign


Seiji Isomoto Memorial

We have collected $25,200.00 of our $25,000.00 target. It is 100.80% of our goal for the Seiji Isomoto campaign



The best way to get involved is to volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.  Join our outreach team, help at fundraising events, or lend us your skills.

  • For the past few years, it’s been  "tomorrow" or "someday." Now, it’s "today," it’s for real.

    Bill Watanabe
    Bill Watanabe Former LTSC Executive Director
  • "I am looking forward to seeing other kids come down to eat mochi ice cream and wearing basketball jerseys in Little Tokyo every weekend at the Budokan!"

    Cailene & Nora Ito
    Cailene & Nora Ito Budokan Volunteers
  • "The younger generations will finally have a place to play basketball and get back in touch with their roots.  It will serve as a center where the upcoming generations can have a place to meet and have fun."

    Aidan Kosaka
    Aidan Kosaka Budokan Volunteer
  • “Little Tokyo is a place that has shaped my identity and the place I hope will shape my daughter’s identities as well.  We have the power to shape Little Tokyo’s evolution and I believe in everything the Budokan promises to achieve.”

    Silvia Yoshimizu-Yee
    Silvia Yoshimizu-Yee Straight Outta Little Tokyo
  • “Growing up with JA activities like basketball and church has taught me values that applied on and off the court.  I have made life-long friends and I hope younger generations will have the same opportunities and experiences at Budokan.”

    Randy Masada
    Randy Masada Budokan Volunteer
  • “Playing basketball gave me a sense of community.  Building Budokan will give us a way to ensure that these traditions and cultural values continue to thrive.”

    Natalie Nakase
    Natalie Nakase Los Angeles Clippers
  • "Kendo's priority is to have proper etiquette, proper manners and to be humble.  It's building your character.  For the young Gosei or 5th generation Japanese Americans, Budokan will be essential to their future."

    Shikai Sensei
    Shikai Sensei US Kendo Federation
  • "The Budokan is a gift to the next generation.  My parents will be able to watch me play basketball at the Budokan, and maybe even witness their grandchildren do the same."

    Tiffany Hashimoto
    Tiffany Hashimoto Budokan Volunteer
  • "No project has symbolized the grit and tenacity of Little Tokyo in recent years more than what will be known as Terasaki Budokan."

    Gwen Muranaka
    Gwen Muranaka Rafu Shimpo Senior Editor
  • "I know that it will be a great opportunity for other Japanese American kids like myself to reconnect with our culture and history through Little Tokyo... Budokan will help bring us closer to our roots."

    Maiya Kuida-Osumi
    Maiya Kuida-Osumi Budokan Volunteer

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